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We are preparing for the future!  As a key member of the community, we need your help to define what that future will look like for our students.  The world has grown into a global marketplace with ever-changing technologies and more and more complex challenges.
We must equip our students to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing global environment.
The BCS Educational Visioning Team is tasked with considering what these changes mean for our students and the manners in which they learn.
Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this important effort. Over the next week, please watch the videos in the links below.  A few days following, a survey will be posted asking you to help identify values that will inform the future of Beavercreek City Schools.
After the survey is complete, we will have a series of sessions in which we dive into these values and uncover what they mean for BCS.
Thank you for your investment in Beavercreek Community Schools!
P.S.  As we consider how teaching and learning are changing, we're sure challenges come to mind that could hamper that transition. Please share those issues with us anonymously by clicking on the stop sign below. A stop sign does not mean "turn around and go home".  Rather, it is an opportunity to pause and consider how best to proceed.  We'll have some conversation about these and how best to navigate around them.

Future Learning: A Documentary
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Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education's Death Valley
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The Power of Student-Driven Learning
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Did you know, in 2028...
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Project-Based Learning at High Tech High
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3 Rules to Spark Learning
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Dana Elementary School: A P21 21st Century Learning Exemplar
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